Gluten and strach

Gluten and strach

The quality of Granoro pasta is guaranteed by the quality of the raw materials and the production skills of the Mastromauro family.

Granoro pasta, produced using carefully selected semolina, contains a high amount of protein, in particular gluten, a viscoelastic compound with a reticular structure, obtained from the combination of two protein fractions, gliadins and glutenins.

Gluten possesses the ability to capture granules of starch, a complex sugar that is very important in helping the brain and the body’s muscles to function well and is found in durum wheat semolina. It is a source of energy for our organism and is metabolised slowly, making pasta an ideal food even for diabetics.

That is why the production process for Granoro pasta is carefully designed to ensure that the gluten remains intact and is not damaged during the stage when the semolina is mixed with water.

The result is a high-quality pasta, strong and elastic, easily digestible and not coated with a sticky film. It does not form a mass in the plate once cooked, retains good consistency and stays separate in the plate, even many minutes after it has been cooked, preserving its unmistakable smell, colour and taste.