The history of the pasta factory

The history of the pasta factory

“Pastificio Attilio Mastromauro – Granoro Srl” is based in Corato, in Puglia, a region in the south of Italy known since Roman times as the area where the best durum wheat in Italy and Europe are produced and a traditional production area for pasta made from durum wheat semolina.

Attilio Mastromauro, the descendant of an age-old family of pasta-making industrialists that has produced pasta since the early 20th century, established a new pasta factory of his own that began operating in 1967 under the brand name of Granoro.

Attilio, with the irreplaceable support of his wife Chiara, designed the factory’s layout, organising systems horizontally and structuring them to keep them within compact volumes, going against the trend at the time that required them to be arranged vertically.

A master in the art of pasta manufacturing and an expert in the production processes, Attilio invented and changed the production machinery to meet his own technological specifications, followed the production process directly and paid special attention to quality. His aim was to set Granoro pasta apart from other brands in what was a highly competitive market due to the large number of pasta manufacturers operating at the time in Italy (there were at least 680 small, medium and large manufacturers in 1967, compared to the current figure of 160).

Produced with the best durum wheat semolina grown in Italy and other countries known to produce high-quality wheat, such as Canada, Australia and the USA, what gives Granoro Pasta its superior quality and sets it apart from the rest is that it retains the flavour and all of the characteristics of authentic Italian pasta made from durum wheat semolina: the smell, colour, elasticity after cooking, toughness and unmistakable flavour.

Thanks to the company’s continuous quest for the highest production quality, both in terms of the process and the raw materials, Granoro pasta has become well established in both Italian and international markets

and in the space of just a few years the daily production volume has passed from 15,000 kilograms to the current volume of 350,000 kilograms.

Granoro pasta is produced in the company’s sole production site located in Corato, Puglia and Attilio supervises the production, together with his daughters Marina and Daniela, with a strong focus on quality. He is convinced that homogeneous production cannot be achieved when the same brand of pasta is produced in different sites (as occurs with many Italian pasta manufacturers), because the production process cannot be guaranteed in the same way in each of them and this would have a negative effect on the final quality of the pasta.

Technology has always been used in the Granoro pasta factory to obtain the highest quality, blending harmoniously with the ancient art of pasta making, with no radical changes to the pasta caused by hasty industrial processes.

Attilio Mastromauro’s Technological Experience

Many parts of the production lines have been designed personally by Attilio Mastromauro and made to his designs by the most qualified Italian manufacturers of industrial pasta-making machines.

Attilio Mastromauro has passed on his expert knowledge to his daughters Marina and Daniela, as he believes that an in-depth knowledge of all stages of the production process is required, including critical stages, before any changes can be made or action taken to eliminate anything that may be cause for concern.

In fact, the desire to produce high-quality pasta that gets better every day is the underlying principle and “vocation” that has distinguished a lifetime’s work by Attilio Mastromauro and his family: ‘The desire to be the best’ – he claims – ‘is a continuous, daily commitment and you can do better tomorrow than you did yesterday’.

“ The desire to be the best” – he claims – is a continuous, daily commitment and you can do better tomorrow than you did yesterday”.

Granoro Uses Technology To Achieve Quality

High-technology systems have been renewed and modernised by Granoro over the years to ensure a high and consistent standard of production and meet the requirements of both quality and health and safety parameters, which have evolved and changed over the years.

The Mastromauro family jealously guards the secrets of an industry that has its roots in Mediterranean tradition. That is why Granoro always uses high-tech production systems to achieve and guarantee constant quality control, without radical changes to the pasta caused by hasty industrial processes.

Attilio Mastromauro, a true expert in the art of pasta making, assisted by his daughters Marina and Daniela, still continues in his incessant search for modern and reliable machinery and technology, monitoring and managing technical aspects of the production process. He is driven and motivated by the desire to produce pasta of a consistent and superior quality, ‘the best in the world’ as he loves to say.