The “right thickness and right cooking time”

The “right thickness and right cooking time”

The toughness and quality of Granoro pasta are the result of the careful selection of durum wheat semolina, skilful production processes and extrusion thicknesses calculated to obtain appropriate and balanced cooking times.

Always al dente and the “right” thickness: Granoro is a high-quality pasta!
The production of very thick pasta shapes with a long cooking time is a technical choice that is often made for poor-quality pasta, which once cooked will be coated in a sticky, starchy film, overcooked on the surface but raw inside and therefore difficult to digest.

The inner part that remains raw is usually mistaken for the al dente characteristic of pasta, but the true al dente sensation is created by the elasticity and toughness of the pasta when you bite into it, which depends on the quality of the durum wheat semolina used to make the pasta.

Long cooking times, caused by pasta that is twice as thick, also has the negative effect of breaking up the protein chain, which disperses gluten (the most important of the proteins contained in durum wheat semolina), starch and other nutritional elements of the pasta (minerals, potassium and calcium) into the cooking water.

Pasta is good quality when it cooks just as well on the inside as it does on the outside.

Granoro pasta is distinguished by the perfect balance between the thickness of the pasta and the cooking time, both of which are carefully studied for each shape to ensure every piece cooks evenly from the outside in, whilst remaining perfectly al dente, that is to say elastic and strong once cooked, even for many hours later.